Creativity and new ideas are the most important components of design.  So, you may have come across various jaw-dropping interior design concepts in your life. You may also have seen the work of interior designers in your daily life, such as cafes, malls, museums, offices, houses, and many other buildings. 

So, if you feel you have a passion for making places look interesting and amazing using your creativity, you can have a prosperous career as an interior designer. Hence, you can opt for an online interior design course in India

Additionally, in the following, you will read all the essential information regarding interior design courses. You would also get a condensed knowledge of the job prospects in the field of interior design.

About Interior Design course for 2022-23 Batch

Students can take various types of UG/PG/Diploma courses after completing their schooling. So, interior design courses impart students with a foundational understanding of design and its other vital functions. 

Also, students learn about skill sets such as analytical mindset, attention to detail, drawing skills, knowledge of textures, materials, trends, communication skills, among others.

Additionally, some of the core subjects of online interior design India are Principles of Interior Design & Drafting, Architectural Design, Basic Design and Graphics, 3D Rendering, Design Studio, and many other subjects.

Eligibility Criteria for Online Interior Design Course India

The eligibility criteria differ from college to college and as per the course you enrol in. However, some of the basic eligibility parameters are the same in almost every college/institute.

  • To pursue regular/correspondence graduation courses, students have to complete their 12th grade and to enrol in postgraduate courses, students must have completed their bachelor’s degree courses. The same is also true for the doctorate program.
  • Also, students have to complete their schooling and graduate from a government-recognized board.

Best Online Interior Design Courses for Indian Students

There are various short-term online design courses that students can pursue on various online platforms or institutes. So, some of the online design courses are as follows:

  • Introduction to Interior Design Course
  • Design – Applying Design Principles
  • Interior Design Course Online
  • Space & Space Planning in Interior Design online
  • Diploma Professional Interior Design, and others.

Interior Design Best Colleges In India

Some of the best interior design colleges in India, as well as the courses they offer, are listed below.

International Institute of Fashion Technology, Chandigarh

In this institution, students can opt for courses such as BBA in Interior Design(3 years) and MBA in Interior Design(2 years).

Vogue Institute of Art and Design, Bangalore

At Vogue Institute of Art and Design, students can enrol in courses such as Graduate Diploma in Interior Design(one year), Bachelor in Interior Design and Decoration(3 years), four years Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts (Spatial and Interior Design), B.Sc in Interior Design(3 year), PGDM in Interior Designing(2 years). 

College of Architecture and Center for Design, Nashik

College of architecture and centre for design offers the course of B.Des(Bachelors of Design) and the duration of this program is four years.

Exterior Interior Ltd., Kolkata

This institute has courses such as B.Sc Interior Design(3 years), M.Sc (Interior Technology design) 3 years, Diploma in Interior Design(1 year), Interior Architecture Design (Advance Diploma) 1.5 years, and Interior Professional Design (Master Diploma) 2 years.

Indian Institute of Art and Design, New Delhi

Indian Institute of arts and design offers a course in Interior Architecture and Design and the duration of this course is two years.

JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Lucknow

Students can opt for courses such as Bsc in Interior design and decoration(3 years), Diploma in Interior design(1 year), Undergraduate Diploma in Interior Design(3 years), Advance Diploma in Interior Design(3 years), Postgraduate Diploma in Interior Design (2 years).

National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

A 4-year course of B.Des (Bachelors in Design) and 2.5 years of M.Des (Masters in Design).

CEPT University, Gujarat

International Master of Interior Architectural Design (2 years), Bachelor of Interior Design (5 years), and Masters of Design (2 years) are all available.

Online Jain University, Bangalore

This university offers the courses of Bachelor of Design, Bachelor of Science Interior Design, and Master of Design.

Apart from that, there are plenty of other interior design colleges in the country that students can consider for admission. 

What are the Job Prospects In Interior Design?

Candidates can gain immense success and popularity in this field by using their knowledge and creativity. Also, you can get job options according to your qualifications and skillsets. 

So, some of the job profiles in interior design are:

  • Interior Decorator
  • Freelancer
  • Landscape Designer
  • Assistant Designer
  • Assistant Exhibition Designer
  • Design Studio Owner
  • Interior Designer
  • Visual Merchandiser, etc.


Students can pursue any online interior design degree or diploma program as per their convenience and interest. Also, they can interior design the best colleges in India to get numerous lucrative job profiles.