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The Learning Management System came to light through e-learning. Basically, it’s a software application which is used to administrate, document, track, report, automate and deliver educational courses, training modules, learning/ development programs. The first appearance that LMS made was in the higher education sector. Their design was used to track down the gaps between training and learning, using the data for analysis and reporting. Nowadays, LMSs include a lot of new features like comprehending the courses for students on the basis of their skill profile. In some cases, it also extracts the meta data from learning materials to make accurate recommendations.

Advantages of Learning Management System

  • Organisation of content at a central location The cloud-based learning management system helps to store your learning material at a single place instead of different devices, drives or other storage locations. It helps in reducing the learning time for the student. The information can be accessed by all the students who are a member of the cloud-based system.
  • Endless access to online learning material Once all the learning materials are uploaded and published by the teachers, it can be accessed unlimited number of times. You can go through it anytime and anywhere. Therefore, LMS is a vital software for global users coming from different time zones.
  • Reports and tracks down the progress/ performance of each student The learning management system gives you tools to track your own performance and comprehend the lacking areas by settling performance milestones. This way the teachers can also offer you some supplements to have a better idea of the particular subject.
  • Integrates social learning experiences Everybody is connected through an online social network i.e Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. So, the organisation can include the links of their social profiles which may be beneficial for the learners. This also helps in attracting more students through social media.
  • Keeps the portal updated with new compliance policies/ regulations LMS aids you to add new compliance standards in your online training courses in a jiffy. You don’t have to wait for the changes to reflect once a traditional course is getting updated. This way, all the teachers/ employees of any institution can be on the same page when it comes to expectations and policies.