If you have leadership and managerial qualities or want to acquire this expertise, you can pursue a master’s degree courses in Human Resource Management. Also, HR management roles and we can say human resource management is one of the most sought-after courses among students of every stream. Additionally, the scope of human resource management is very huge in India.

Therefore, the following content contains the course attributes of human resource management. Moreover, you will also get an insight into HR management roles.

What are the HR management Roles and Responsibilities?

The HR management roles include performing tasks such as interviews, hiring employees, training, compensating the employees of the company or organization. Apart from that, an HR manager has to manage various other administrative functions as well.

HR management offers reputable and administrative job profiles. Therefore, it is crucial to accumulate skill sets such as confidence, efficient clerical skills, time management, critical thinking, problem-solving, quick decision-making, and communication skills. 

Duration of HR Management course

The duration of the human resource management program depends on the course students opt for. Therefore, it takes 3 years and 2 years to complete a bachelor’s and master’s degree, respectively. 

Also, students can complete a diploma or certificate in HR management within one year. However, the duration of a post-graduate diploma is 3 years. Apart from that, many online platforms offer free, short-term HR management certificates that impart students with a fundamental understanding of human resource management.

Eligibility Parameters of HR Management course

Candidates can enrol in the courses in HR management as per their latest qualifications. Hence, below are outlined the eligibility requirements to pursue human resource management courses:

  • Students belonging to any stream(Science, Commerce or Arts) are eligible to pursue degree/diploma/ certificate courses in HR management.
  • To enrol in the undergraduate degree program in HR management students have to complete their 10+2 from any government recognized board.
  • Similarly, to opt for the post-graduation degree, candidates have to complete their undergraduate degree from any UGC accredited college or university. 

Moreover, candidates can attain various certificates or diplomas after the 12th. Similarly, students have to complete their bachelor’s degree and master’s degree to accumulate graduation-level diplomas.

What Courses I can Pursue In Human Resource Management?

Students can enrol in undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in HR management. Furthermore, there are various diploma courses that students can opt for.

So, below are mentioned some degree courses in the HR management program:

Degree Courses In HR management

Students can enrol in degree courses such as BBA In human resource management, and an MBA in human resource management.

Diploma and Certificate Courses In HR management

Some of the diploma and certificate programs that students can pursue in order to enhance their credibility and career prospects include Industrial Relations & Labor Law, Organizational Behavior & Business Communication, Senior Professional in Human Resources, Certified Professional in Learning and Performance, Senior SHRM Certified Professional.

What Is the Syllabus for Human Resource Management?

The curriculum deviates according to the degree program students opt for. Though, some major subjects are common in all human resource management courses, that are:

  1. Human Resource Management
  2. Principles of Management
  3. Marketing and Management
  4. Managerial communication & Skill Development
  5. Effective H.R. Training and Development Strategy
  6. Production & Operations Management
  7. Wages and Salary Administration
  8. Information Technology for Management
  9. Business Communication
  10. Industrial Relations and Labor Law

Moreover below listing contains the semester wise curriculum of BBA degree and MBA degree in HR management:

BBA in Human Resource Management Syllabus

1st Semester: Organizational Behavior, Business Environment, Computer Fundamentals, and Communication skills

2nd Semester: Business Strategy, Marketing Management, Research Methods, Financial Accounting.

3rd Semester: Human Resource Management, Legal and Regulatory Framework, Advertising and Sales, Quality Management.

4th Semester: International Marketing, Management Accounting, E-Commerce, Small Business Management.

5th Semester: Entrepreneurship Management, Financial Management, Economic Planning and Policies, Financial Management.

6th Semester: International Financial Institutions, Technology Management, Management Development and Skills, Lastly, Project Work.

MBA In Human Resource Management Syllabus

1st Semester

In the first semester of MBA HR management, students learn subjects such as Accounting and Finance for Managers, Principles of Management and Organizational Behavior, Quantitative Techniques for Management, Corporate Communication, Research Methods for Management, Operations Management, Managerial Economics, etc.

2nd Semester

The second semester consists of subjects such as Human Resource Development and Planning, Methodology of Training and Development, Organizational Development and Change, Performance Management: Systems and Strategies, Personal Management Concepts, Compensation Management, Business Environment and Ethics, etc.

List of Jobs In Human Resources – HR Management Roles

Human Resource Management is one of the advantageous courses when it comes to promising career options. So, below are mentioned job profiles that candidates can apply for subsequently they obtain a degree in Human Resource Management:

  • HR manager
  • Employee Relations Manager
  • HR Trainee
  • Business consultant
  • International Human Resources Professional
  • Staffing Director
  • Training & Development Manager
  • Compensation Manager
  • Receptionist
  • Employee Education Consultant, etc ~

In addition, candidates get the feasibility of enrolling in higher education. Besides that, students get jobs not only in the private sector but also in the public sector.


HR management roles are exceedingly prestigious and full of authority. Therefore, it is necessary for a human resource manager to have leadership qualities and communication skills. Furthermore, they have to be equipped with the skills of management, rational thinking, decision-making, problem-solving, and several others.

As a result, companies and organizations are always in search of professional HR managers. Therefore, HR management courses aim to prepare students to provide in-depth comprehension in this field. 

Therefore, to attain expertise in corporate fields and entrepreneurship, students can opt for bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, e.g., BBA and MBA, respectively, in HR management. Besides that, students can accumulate various diplomas and certificates too.

Hence, students can apply to any UGC-DEB college or institute to pursue online courses in HR management. Also, candidates get a plethora of lucrative job options once they procure a degree in HR management.