Refund Policy

Refund & Cancellation



    We are ready to refund if we fail to provide you the services we initially promised. 

    Process of Refund 

    We ask you to submit a written application and the original payment receipt from our side.

    HES makes the refund through cheque mode only after verification of your receipt and documents from our Account Department. This process can take upto 120 days. So, we request you to be patient with us and cooperate.

    Please Note:

    • We do not consider any refund request if your enrollment failed due to non-eligible or payment issues from the student side.
    • We also do not accept any request for a refund if you have paid the fees late. 
    • Every course and universities have different refund & cancellation policies. In that regard you are required to discuss with our counselors before taking admission in any of the universities & courses.


    Cancellation Policy

    In any case, to cancel a program we have a different set of Terms & Conditions. All the participants are requested to read and understand T&C carefully or discuss with our counsellors before proceeding further. 

    -HES take the full responsibility to cancel your admission registration without giving any prior notice if payments are not made before deadlines. 

    – Your application can get cancelled if you fail to communicate with us before the installment period. 

    – Lastly, you are not allowed to appear in examinations if payments are not made on time.


    Please Read Carefully:

    Higher Education School is an online portal to provide you an ‘end-to end education service’ within the committed time frame. We do not promise job placements to any of our candidates. 

    And we are responsible to fill the gap between you & your enrolled university after taking the admission. In terms of any discussion and query we ask you to contact us directly. 

    While reading all the above information given in the section of ‘Privacy Policy’ & ‘Cancellation Policy’ we assume you accept the Terms & Conditions and you are voluntarily using our portal and taking our service. However, if you do not agree with any of the above information & conditions then you must not look for the service from our portal.


    For Any Query Feel Free To Contact Us: 9833869320