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MLIS or Masters of Library and Information Sciences is a specialization course of one year. If you are a bookworm or you love to sit in libraries for hours and hours you can go for this degree. Therefore, keep reading to get to know all the important information. And everything that you need to keep in mind before enrolling yourself in a Masters of Library and Information Sciences professional degree.


Eligibility Criteria

The most awaited question is of the eligibility criteria of any course. Therefore, here you go. The eligibility criteria for Masters of library and information science is at least 50% marks in your 10+2 and Bachelors degree from a recognized university. However, a point to note is that your educational institution should be recognized and well-approved. This will only make your 10 + 2 scorecard more credible.


Career Opportunities

This goes without saying that you have a lot of career after your Masters of Library and Information Sciences or MLIS. We can list a few for your convenience below:

  • Librarian
  • Assistant Librarian
  • Semi-professional assistant
  • Junior Library Assistant
  • Library technician
  • Senior Research specialist
  • Dara curator
  • A professional library instructor
  • Research Scholar
  • PhD eligible

Moreover, you should know that these are just a few job prospects. It is encouraged that you should go out of your comfort zone and experiment with your skills as much as possible.


Which university is the best for a Master’s of Library and Information Sciences?

A good university means excellent career options and opportunities. Therefore, it is good that you are concerned about your university and its legitimacy. Hence, allow us to break it down for you. Any university that is UGC-DEB-approved is a go-to choice for dedicated students like you. Moreover, a UGC-DEB-approved university will guarantee you a fair degree.


Why should you choose distance education?

We are a generation of future policymakers. Therefore, we need to get rid of this stereotype and prejudice that distance education does not have any value in the market. Hence, you should know the advantages of choosing the specification. You can work full-time and part-time while pursuing your master’s in library and Information Sciences. It will not only help you gain working experience before everybody else but also make you stand out from the crowd. Moreover, with distance education, you get a golden chance to study at your own pace and from the comfort of your home. How amazing is that? You get all the benefits and flexibility served right in front of you.


Recognition    :  UGC, DEB

Eligibility         : Blis Graduated or quivalent
Duration          : 1 Years
Category          : Arts

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