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Established in 2006 and approved by UGC-DEB, Mangalayatan University in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India, offers a diverse range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs. Spanning fields like engineering, management, law, commerce, arts, and sciences, the university is dedicated to providing top-tier education and cultivating socially responsible individuals.

Mangalayatan University boasts modern facilities including libraries, computer labs, sports grounds, and research centers. Its commitment to holistic development is evident through a vibrant campus life enriched by extracurricular activities. The university prioritizes affordability, offering courses with fees structured to enhance accessibility while solidifying its standing as a premier institution for innovation and learning.

Courses And Fees Structures

of Online Mangalayatan University

Our programs offer students a robust foundation for academic excellence, blending theoretical knowledge with practical experience across all subjects, ensuring a comprehensive education.

Course NameProgramDurationSpecialisationFees Structure
BAGraduation3 Years-5,000/- per semester
BBAGraduation3 YearsGeneral10,500/- per semester
BBA (Plus)Graduation3 Years• Aviation Management
• Digital Business
• BFSI/Fintech
• Supply Chain Management
• Business Analytics
• Tourism and Hospitality Management
• Operations Management
• Human Resource Management
• Finance
• Marketing
• Information Technology
• Retail Management
17,000/- per semester
BCAGraduation3 YearsGeneral11.500/- per semester
BCA (Plus)Graduation3 Years• Cloud Computing
• Data Science
• Cyber Security
• Artificial Intelligence
• Management Information System
• Data Analytics
• Mobile Application Development
17,000/- per semester
MAPost Graduation2 Years• English
• Pol. Science
• Education
• Public administration
9,000/- per semester
MCOMPost Graduation2 Years-10,000/- per semester
MSCPost Graduation2 YearsMathematics13,500/- per semester
MBAPost Graduation2 Years• Marketing Management
• Finance Management
• Operation management
• Human Resource Management
16,500/- per semester
MBA (Plus)Post Graduation2 Years• Supply Chain Management
• Aviation Management
• Strategy & Consulting
• Digital Business
• Business Analytics
• BFSI/Fintech
• Pharmaceutical Management
• Project Management
• Healthcare Management
• Information Technology
• Multimedia & Animation
• Software development
• Entrepreneurship & Small Business
• Tourism & Hospitality Management
• Agri Business Management
24,500/- per semester
MCAPost Graduation2 YearsGeneral16,500/- per semester
MCA (Plus)Post Graduation2 Years• Cloud Computing
• Cyber Security
• Management Information System
• Data Analytics
• Data Science
• Artificial Intelligence
• Mobile Application Management
24,500/- per semester

Why Choose

of Online Mangalayatan University

Reputation of Excellence

Mangalayatan University Online Education is known for its commitment to global recognition through high-quality academic excellence.

Recognized Degrees

Degrees from Online Mangalayatan University are highly valued, offering opportunities for careers and advanced academic endeavors.

Affordable Fee Structure

Mangalayatan University Online Education provides affordable tuition fees, ensuring accessibility to quality education for all students.

Flexible Learning Options

The university provides flexible learning options, enabling students to study at their own pace without compromising educational quality.

Industry-Focused Module:

The university updates its curriculum to match industry standards, equipping students with current skills for career success.

Placement Assistance:

The university utilizes an integrated online platform for streamlined access to course materials, assignments, and communication among peers.

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