Distance BSW – Societal Upliftment is The Key

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BSW or Bachelor of Social Work is a specialization undergraduate degree in social work. This degree lasts for around three years in India. Moreover, it is always advised that you should choose UGC-DEB-approved universities to pursue your dream degree. Therefore, to know more detailed information regarding distance BSW, keep reading till the end. 

  • Eligibility for Bachelor’s of Social Work

The eligibility criteria for BSW is very easy to understand yet very crucial. You need to have at least 50% in your 10+2 result. Moreover, you will be only eligible if your school is a recognized educational institution. 

  • Career opportunities 

A BSW offers you a variety of careers and jobs. It is a very flexible degree that can ensure you a job in future. Therefore, the career options that you get after your Bachelor’s of Social Work are listed below.

  1. Adolescent specialist
  2. A child Service worker 
  3. A child advocate
  4. Adoption specialist
  5. A clinical social worker or counselor
  6. Healthcare social worker
  7. Family and child social worker
  8. Mental health Counselor

These were just a few of the hype careers that you can choose after your Bachelor’s of Social Work. However, you can always experiment with our expertise and go beyond the societal occupations.

  • Which university is the best for Bachelors of Social Work?

Knowing the best university around you is very crucial for a student. Moreover, you should know that not every University is approved by UGC and DEB. And you should choose UGC-DEB-approved universities only. It is because the degree that you get from a UGC-DEB-approved university will be accepted widely. Moreover, your degree will be considered a legitimate one. On the other hand, if your University is not University Grants Commission approved, there is no job security guaranteed. 

  • Why should you choose distance education?

It is the societal stereotype that distance education does not hold any value. However, you should know that distance education and regular degree have the same value in the market. Therefore, choosing distance education can prove to be meritorious. It is because you get to work full-time or part-time while pursuing your bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Needless to say, gaining the market experience beforehand will prove to be advantageous. It is because with job experience you will be preferred more than a candidate who doesn’t have any. Moreover, with distance education, you can learn at your own pace and schedule. Hence, making it an even more favorable mode. 


Recognition    :  UGC, DEB

Eligibility         : (10+2) in Any Stream 
Duration          : 3 Years
Category          : Arts

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