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Distance B.Sc. CS is an undergraduate degree in computers. The duration of the distance B.Sc. CS is three years. And in B.Sc. CS, you learn about the principal and applications of the computer. Also in this modern time as the technologies are advancing day by day rapidly. And the use of computers is rising in our day-to-day life, so pursuing distance B.Sc. CS could be very helpful for the students.

Eligibility criteria and course details of distance B.Sc. CS

The eligibility required for the distance B.Sc CS is Intermediate. But for pursuing B.Sc. CS, you have to pass out intermediate in science with PCM (physics, chemistry, and mathematics). And you should obtain at least 50% or above marks in intermediate for pursuing distance CS.

Besides, the duration of distance B.Sc. CS, you would learn about various types of topics. Therefore, you would get to learn about number systems and codes, arrays, functions, operating systems. Also, you would learn about c++, java, c programming, and control structure. So you can apply to any UGC-DEB university for distance b.Sc. CS. And you can apply to any government or private university.

Why you should choose distance B.Sc. CS?

Job opportunities are rising as the rise in technological advance. So after the distance B.Sc. CS, there are many job opportunities. Hence while pursuing distance B.Sc. CS you would study about the basic to advanced level of the computer programs. Also, you would learn coding and various types of programming languages.

What job opportunities you would get after distance B.Sc. CS?

You can get various job profiles as IT project manager, software manager, programmer, analyst, DTP operator, project manager, school teacher, and lecturer. Additionally, distance CS would be very beneficial for your higher studies. And it also would be beneficial for students who want to study engineering in computer science.

What are the advantages of distance B.Sc. CS?

  • Firstly after completing B.Sc. CS, there would be many job opportunities available for you
  • Distance CS will help you if you want to study further, like engineering in computer science.
  • And you would get to learn about computers and also learn about their operating systems.
  • In the distance, you would learn many programming languages such as c++, java, and c language, etc
  • Also, distance CS is very demanding these days for job opportunities in the IT sector jobs.


Recognition    :  UGC, DEB

Eligibility         : (10+2) in Any Stream 
Duration          : 3 Years
Category          : Computer Science

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