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Lovely Professional University

Established in 2005 in Punjab, India, LPU Online is a prestigious institution and one of the top online universities, approved by the UGC and accredited with NAAC A++. LPU Online offers affordable undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, providing a range of facilities such as live online classes, mobile applications, live chat options, and proctored online exams to create an effective learning environment.

Committed to flexibility, LPU Online allows students to pursue their academic goals at their own pace. The dedicated faculty and comprehensive support services ensure a holistic educational journey, preparing students for success in their chosen fields. With a global outlook and a commitment to quality education, LPU Online continues to empower learners worldwide.

Courses And Fees Structures

of Lovely Professional University

Our programs provide students with a platform for academic excellence, offering a balanced emphasis on both theoretical and practical exposure in each subject.

Course NameProgramDurationSpecialisationFees Structure
BAGraduation3 Year-18000/- per semester
BCAGraduation3 Year-28000/- per semester
MAPost Graduation2 Year • English
• History
• Political Science
• Sociology
18000/- per semester
MCAPost Graduation2 Year-33000/- per semester
MCOMPost Graduation2 Year-23000/- per semester
M.SC.Post Graduation2 YearMathematics18000/- per semester
MBAPost Graduation2 Year• Finance
• Business Analytics
• Digital Marketing
• Information Technology
• International Business
• Operations Management
• Human Resource Management
• Data Science
• Marketing
43000/- per semester

Why Choose

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Reputation of Excellence

LPU Online or Professional University is a renowned college with a strong reputation for academic excellence and innovation. 

Recognized Degrees

LPU online degrees, recognized by UGC , NAAC A++, NIRF and other bodies, ensure academic excellence, credibility, and industry value.

Affordable Fee Structure

LPU’s online courses offer an economical fee structure, ensuring quality university education is accessible and not hindered by financial constraints.

Flexible Learning Options

LPU’s online learning caters to busy professionals, offering convenient access to study materials and virtual sessions for flexible learning.

Industry-Focused Module:

Programs are designed to meet industry needs, equipping graduates with current skills for successful careers through regularly updated curricula.

Placement Assistance:

LPU’s user-friendly LMS allows 24/7 access to materials, assignments, discussions, and progress tracking, enabling flexible, self-paced learning.

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