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The Bachelor of Business Administration Distance Education(BBA Distance Education) is a Distance BBA course generally covers courses such as business organization and systems, management theory and practice, basic business statistics, communicating skills, marketing management, entrepreneurship and small business management, international business, new trends, as well as tools of financial management.

What is Distance BBA Courses?

Distance BBA Courses are aimed at providing the students complete flexibility in pursuing Distance BBA without compromising on quality.In Distance BBA Courses, you will get UGC & DEC approved BBA Correspondence degree. You will get online course material to enhance your knowledge & skills.

Why BBA Correspondence?

  • Advertising, banking, finance, IT, FMCG and consumer durable industries employ candidates with a BBA Correspondence degree.
  • Aspirants can study the Masters’ program in Business Administration.
  • The course structure of the BBA Distance Learning program is designed in such a manner that it acts as a foundation for the MBA program.
  • Develop a good scientific knowledge as compared to a technical one, in certain industries like R&D has more scopes for Distance BSC IT.

What are the career opportunities after BBA Distance Learning Degree?

  • Seek out for employments in share trading, business corporations, industries, print media, and so on.
  • Can work in Government sector or in IT industries.
  • The main advantage of the Distance BBA Courses are that aspirants can pursue the MBA program after completing the same. The different specializations in the MBA program include Systems, Finance, Human Resource, Marketing and so on.
  • Having an MBA, the career profile of a Distance BBA graduate may change drastically. The MBA course helps aspirants to reach to the top most designations like Directors, Managers, CEO’s and so on in multi-national companies.

What are the advantages of Distance BBA?

  • You will get more individual attention.
  • Interaction opportunities with professionals.
  • Distance BBA provides an avenue for busy professionals who cannot spend time sitting in classes.
  • Give you real world skills.
  • Provides the opportunity for people who cannot get an BBA Correspondence in their city or country to obtain one without having to move.

What makes our BBA Distance Education different?

  • Rich interaction and networking opportunities
  • Diverse virtual expert assistance
  • Get access to video clips for each topic.
  • Integrated curriculum
  • High-quality support assistance.
  • Unique residency experiences
  • 24X7 e-library, Study material access & fellow students connectivity.
  • Grievance Redress cell support mechanism.
  • Online Faculty Experts classes & Doubt Clearance Sessions.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for opting the BBA Distance Learning?

Eligibility: Any candidate seeking admission in Executive MBA should have bachelor’s degree and minimum of 2 years Work Experience of the relevant industry or A candidate seeking admission in Executive MBA should have Diploma from any recognized Board with 5 years Post Qualification work experiences as a Manager/Supervisior.

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