Course Details

The course gives the opportunity to develop advanced skills in the design and implementation of research in the field of human nutrition and dietetics. P.G. Diploma in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics program is distinctive because of its emphasis on developing evidence-based practitioners that have had intensive preparation in evidence-based dietetic practice, nutrition research and international engagement.

Learnings from PG Diploma

  • P.G. Diploma in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics program allows those candidates who are interested in health and nutrition to select their own way and field of nutrition they want to specialize in while concentrating on practical placement, communication as well as international engagement.
  • These professionals would design dietary treatments not only for diseased individuals but also work on some health drives for those who love to lead a hale and hearty lifestyle. This postgraduate program is intended to create graduates to be work-ready for a vocation in nutrition and dietetics over practice areas including private practice, clinical dietetics, public health nutrition, food service management, sports nutrition and nutrition research.

Various Job Opportunities?

  • Clinical dietitians
  • Community dietitians
  • Management dietitians
  • Consultant dietitians
  • Food service dietitians
  • Gerontological dietitians
  • Pediatric dietitians
  • Business dietitians

Advantages of PG Diploma

Dietetics and Nutrition is a remunerative job. Those who are working in government hospitals, academic institutions, research institutes and other agencies have salaries as fixed by the government depending upon work profile and experience. Some private sector hotels, restaurants, food manufactures offer higher salary and attractive perks. Independent practitioner and private consultants also have good earning which largely depends upon number and nature of their clients.